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The agile way to testing EVENTO ONLINE 30 MAGGIO 2020

How many types of tests are there?

Component, Integration, System, Acceptance, Functional, Non-Functional, white & black box, regression, unit, user interface, exploratory, and those that guide development (TDD), organized in "practical test pyramid" or in "quadrant" and so on ...

Whatever it is, testing is an integral part of the development of the code (indeed in some cases, such as TDD, it precedes it!) And it benefits (or should) from an increasingly efficient automation capable of keeping up with the introduction of new features.

Very complex systems also provide for the integration of HW and / or microprocessors, in turn technologies that require particular types of tests, often in the absence of software containing all the functionalities.

Finally, recently new development paradigms have been introduced, e.g. linked to the deployment of sw packages capable of "learning" (machine learning), where the system response can change according to learning, forcing testers to manage "non-deterministic" test results.

What will be the next Testing challenges?

Call for Speakers

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How to transform Testing into a point of excellence
toward and for the Customer
Nokia Customer Operations Team

We will tell you how we have automated the testing of the major functionalities related to 4G Mobile services in the context of a real case developed in close collaboration with an important customer.

We will highlight the management of the test configuration services of the scenarios of a mobile network including radio antennas and management systems and how this activity is making the correction of errors easier and faster, with the important involvement of the research and development department in a continuous exchange of information.

We will then describe the governance that we have implemented in order to involve all the actors in the management of the activities and finally we will show how we guaranteed the continuous improvement of the process thanks to the use of Lean-SixSigma methodologies.


Agile Venture Vimercate è organizzato da membri di Italian Agile Movement, in collaborazione con Nokia

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